Bathroom Lighting Design


This provides light from all sides that minimizes shadows under the chin, eyes, cheeks, and forehead. This does not mean that you have to use 'Hollywood' style lights (strips that use the round light bulbs). A wall sconce on either side of the mirror can work nicely. Normally you want the center of the fixture at about 66" above the finished floor and at least 30" apart (these specs will vary according to the particulars of the room and fixture

Bathroom Lighting Design

People have always remarked that the bathroom is the one room in the house that everyone eventually visits.  Perhaps this is true now more than ever before as increasing numbers of people invite guests to their home rather than going out on the town.  The bathroom is not only the most visited room; it is becoming a much busier room.  Homeowners are realizing that bathroom design and lighting are important components of their homes overall interior design and decorative scheme

As electrical contractors certified in both residential and commercial wiring, besld Lighting also designs and installs bathroom lighting themes and fixtures that are safe and reliable for daily use.  We anticipate the needs of the client by designing outlets located in drawers for blow driers, curling irons, and other electrical appliances.  This minimizes exposure to moisture and removes unsightly cords from view.  It is necessary, to install GFCI protected circuits to provide a safe, wet location environment that minimizes the risk of electrocution and short circuits.  This proactive measure makes our bathroom lighting designs not only more functional and aesthetically attractive, but also highly safe under a variety of operating conditions.

Home automation, lighting control systems

We can further add convenience and sophistication to bathroom lighting design by linking it to a home automation system.  By linking the bathroom to a central control unit, we can remove steam and odors by incorporating quiet and efficient exhaust fans controlled by automated timers.  Homeowners especially appreciate the quiet nature of our equipment and the way it seems to anticipate their every concern.  By designing bathroom lighting themes with variety as well as convenience in mind, we can empower the client to choose from multiple lighting themes and set their own level of lighting for their particular needs and comfort zones.  We can accomplish this with either home lighting control systems or wall box dimmer controls that adjust the light from near-dark to full brightness through rotary controls, keypads, sliding controls, or home automation systems.  We can even duplicate the full color rendering of the natural spectrum by using color corrected lamps to produce full spectrum lighting conducive to selecting colors when dressing.


Before considering the costly and inconvenient endeavor of completely remodeling the bathroom, why not consider the benefits of investing in quality and innovating bathroom lighting design?  With the help of besld Lighting, you can expect a whole new look—and for all intents and purposes—a whole new bathroom to emerge before your eyes.

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