Ceiling fans

Times are tough, saving energy means saving money. Here's what you do to help yourself!

Lower electric summer bills,attic exhaust fans work

Advantages of Ceiling fans Ceiling fans
They take a completely new dimension when it comes to the way they have remained an integral part of the home decor for so many years.
 What exactly makes them so special? We would answer these any many related questions below: Keeping It Cool (Or Warm) Everyone knows hot air rises and cool air sinks, Proper ventilation is vital in every room
1. Energy effectiveness - When you check the ventilation of your home, you would find that there is fresh air coming in from a direction but it is not spreading to each and every corner of the room. The ceiling fan spreads it equitably to all the parts of the room thereby maintaining a stable room temperature and aeration. Even when you have an air conditioner, the fan helps in spreading cool breeze faster thereby resulting in overall efficacy of the air conditioner

A must for Summer Season
- You would find that during summer season the use of a fan increases drastically as it helps in surface cooling by wind motion. In most of the coastal areas and also in the European countries there is a specific time of the year when the sales of fans augment during their summer seasons.
3. Aesthetics
- Of late there has been a commendable boost to the artistic fans which are styled to suit your home interior decoration and life style. It has also become a fashion statement. The various ceiling fans with designer blades and lightened exteriors have become prominent. Ceiling Fan Rotation Ceiling fans should rotate counter clock-wise in the summer (to generate a breeze downward to cool you off) and clock-wise in the winter (to cycle the warm air that rises to your ceiling.)

Do not be afraid to run your ceiling fan in the winter.
You can expect a 10-15% savings on your heating bill. You can save up to 40% off your cooling bill in the summer. The box that the fan comes in said just the opposite. If you have a ceiling height of more than 15 to 30 feet, you have a lot of dead air and you would need to go by the instructions on the box. Ceiling Fan Height Set fan clearance at 9 feet above the floor if possible (if this is not possible, maintain a minimum clearance of 7 feet.

This will help you and your family avoid injuries. These are some of the benefits related to ceiling fans and they have never been toppled.

 Ever since th
eir early days; Ceiling Fans -

A Money Saving Way To Cool Your Home Ceiling fans first originated in hot, tropical countries with somewhat poor economies. While more wealthy countries have removed ceiling fans with the advent of air conditioning, the ceiling fan of yesteryear is making an important comeback. This is no doubt due to the continuing escalating cost of utilities and the expense of maintaining a full house air conditioning system.

People are finally understanding that comfort doesn't need to mean cold and in the process they're able to save significantly on the monthly electric bills.
How much savings of course depends on local utility cost and the amount of time an air conditioning system is in operation. Typically though, a 2-3 dollar per DAY savings is not unreasonable if a household can use ceiling fans a major part of the day instead of running the air conditioning system.

Although ceiling fans were in widespread use in the early 1900's, they gave way to the air conditioning systems of today.
A ceiling fan however is much more than an air movement machine. They're beautiful and can be ordered to perfectly fit into any decor or room of your home. Ceiling fans have a central motor with three to five blades attached. This unit is then mounted to the ceiling.Depending on the height of the ceiling, the unit can be close mounted, with the motor almost touching the ceiling or on a matching decorator bar to allow the unit to hang down into the room a little more if the ceiling height is greater than the typical 8 feet. The motor drives the blades of the ceiling fans which move the air around. Air movement naturally cools people and makes them comfortable without resorting to the brute force of removing moisture and cooling through a compressor air conditioning unit. Many people wrongly assume that a ceiling fan is only good in the summer. Actually most fans built today have a reverse switch installed. This allows the fan to either pull air from the floor area or push air from the ceiling. So in summer, you would want air movement from low to high but in winter, with hot air rising, you would naturally want the warmer air at the ceiling to be pushed down to warm the whole room. Ceiling fans are great to use anywhere there are people or living spaces including bedrooms, living and family rooms and even out on the backyard patio or deck. In the end, a ceiling fan can be a great way to add a nice decorating touch to your home while saving big dollars on that monthly electric bill. It's not unusual to save the price of the ceiling fan in the first month, just on the electric bill alone.

With your home more open, natural ventilation will make it more pleasant
and enjoyable both inside and out.

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