Energy Tips

Energy Tips

Your parking lot can be illuminated at the same level while you save 25% in energy costs forever.                                                                                                                                            That’s almost as good as compounding interest.                                                                         You can cut energy costs but keep your existing light levels by retrofitting your 1000-watt metal halide fixtures with 750-watt pulse start lamps and ballasts.                                                        You can also replace a 400-watt with a 320-watt and reap the same benefits.                              

Upgrading your lighting systems will result in a more efficient, safe, and attractive commercial property. Outdoor Lighting & Energy deals with manufacturers and suppliers every day on all the latest lighting innovations. We can help you make sense of the myriad new energy efficient lighting options and lighting management control systems on the market today.

Specifically trained in upgrading existing lighting systems, as well as installing new energy efficient lighting products and lighting fixtures.

LED wallpack lighting installation and repair is one of many energy-efficient lighting services we provide.

Energy Savings to Benefit Your Business

Energy Tip

An incandescent lamp is a better heater than a light.

Nearly 90% of the input energy being converted is lost in waste heat rather than used as light. New technology is bringing many energy-efficient and environmentally friendly incandescent replacement options to market. Great strides are being made to replace Edison’s incandescent when it is phased out in 2012.

Our relationships with the leading manufacturers of both LEDs (light emitting diodes) and CFLs (compact fluorescent lamps) allow us to bring you the very latest in improved lamp technology at reasonable prices

LEDs Cool Lights

We hope that more people adopt this attitude towards their lighting. Once we all look at LED lights the same way we do at appliances and tools that are not so quickly disposable - that will last as long as their fixtures - it's easier to look past the upfront costs and recognize the lifelong savings. With the rapid evolution of LED technology, we're already seeing prices fall steadily. But for significant change to take place, consumers are going to have to think outside the bulb.

LED lighting shares a ranking with solar paneling, building insulation, and hybrid vehicles as environmentally sustainable investments that often come with admittedly high sticker shock. Though these expenses are accompanied by guarantees to pay for themselves in energy savings over time, even consumers who really want to go green can have trouble justifying these purchases.

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