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Must customers desire to be energy efficient but don't know how to start. In other cases they want to transition their existing buildings to be high performance green buildings and meet recognized standards such as Energy Star.

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can help.

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LED light bulbs are not inexpensive, but any attempt to save on the up front cost of LED bulbs can possibly end up being an expensive proposition. The old adage “You get what you pay for” certainly holds true when it comes to LED lighting.

You may have heard recent reports about many of the problems that are now being seen with inexpensively manufactured LED components coming in from overseas. As far as the consumer is concerned, there are two main segments of LED lights: the semiconductors and the drivers that operate the LED. Many manufacturers are now over driving the semiconductors in an effort to produce greater light output. Unfortunately this process often leads to premature burnout and lumen depletion.

LED Light Bulbs MUST be high quality!

A simple search on the inter net for LED light bulbs will bring up hundreds of sites selling LEDs and an even greater number of prices for what seem to be identical products.With LEDs being a popular but pricey item, many shoppers are going for the lowest price they can find only to be disappointed when their purchase fails to perform as expected. Quality control at the manufacturing end has everything to do with customer satisfaction at the consumer end.

Most people don’t have the time to research the many manufacturers, nor the money to invest to evaluate the many LED products across the globe.

At we’ spent the past three years doing the due diligence and sorting the good from the bad. We now have relationships with top LED manufacturers

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