Retail Lighting

Emotional Impact of Retail Lighting

To engage the customer, the retailer must create the right environment. A customer who is comfortable while shopping will stay longer, spend more money and enjoy coming back time and time again. Lighting is capable of setting a scene and creating the desired mood and feeling to support the brand of the store. Three themes emerge when examining the retail environment: functional shopping, inspirational shopping and social shopping.

Functional shopping is all about buying the necessities of life. In our hectic world, with leisure time strictly rationed, we like to do this as efficiently and as pleasantly as possible. This means lighting that not only gives a good guidance in the store, but is linked to the biorhythms and needs of the customers. Lighting concepts must take into account that a customer shopping after work at 7 P.M. may be in a different mood, and has different lighting needs, to one shopping at 8 A.M. before work.

Inspirational shopping is an alternative leisure activity, a way of pleasantly filling your free time. The actual purchase will only be made when the product inspires and excites you. To achieve this, the lighting will also have to be inspiring and theatrical.

Social shopping is the final trend. Here, the actual purchasing of goods is almost incidental, with shopping seen as a way to meet people of similar ages and tastes, to socialize. Think of a lounge area in the bookstore, drinking coffee at Armani and even singles night at the supermarket. Lighting has to suit this social activity, to be comfortable, cozy, even flirtatious.

Experiencing the Brand

From the storefront and display windows to the dressing rooms and the storage areas, lighting plays a major role in how the customer experiences your brand. Lighting can be used to attract the customer into the store, draw their attention to specific products, create atmosphere by grazing a wall or highlighting architectural features, create a more open feel with cove and indirect lighting, highlight specific products in a display case and create customer flow throughout the store.

Ambient lighting - lighting that creates the overall impression of the space

Architectural lighting - stylistic lighting that refines the feel of the space

Accent lighting - provides focused lighting on specific products or displays throughout the space

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