How to Use this Toolkit

Advanced planning and a proactive

approach to safety are essential to

keeping family, friends and guests safe

during all of their holiday activities.

In this kit, you will find a collection of

new and updated safety materials that

provide lifesaving information specific

to the winter holiday season.

The kit is organized into sections that

each focus on a key issue addressed

as part of ESFI’s 2010 Make Safety

a Tradition holiday campaign:

entertaining safety, decorating, child

safety, and home fires.

The materials in each section provide

an introduction to the hazard, highlight

relevant statistics, and outline basic

safety tips. Copy-ready press releases

and templates are also included.

Please make use of these

complimentary safety awareness

resources, inserting the names of

your company or organization and

spokesperson into the title and/or


The information in this toolkit can be

used in conjunction with the additional

print, online, video and multimedia

resources featured on ESFI’s seasonal


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