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Our site has more, Safety information we have put links to

1.      The Electrical Safety Foundation International they say Link to Us!                               We invite you to share the important message of electrical safety awareness with customers, employees, friends and family members by adding our links and logos to your Web site. You cannot be an official partners with the ESFI you can make a donation but you cannot be an official partners, any one that indicates is misleading YOU.

2.      We have put a page and a link to Underwriters Laboratories

3.      # SAFETY TOOLKIT / Each year, the Electrical Safety Foundation

     International (ESFI) launches a holiday safety awareness campaign to encourage families and communities across the country to Make Safety a Tradition of the holiday season.

4.      # A page What is an AFCI?

5.      # A page GFCIs Fact Sheet

8.      # A page Lightning Safety

9.     # A page called. a salute I had to put up a salute because we owe a debt! A salute to those who serve: past and present. I do the VA paid for me to go to school. I have Briggs Electrical Creed like the RANGER CREED look at the page the owner

I started working in the electrical trade when I got out of the army. I had served, when I got out with my honorable discharge in hand from the United States Army. My time in the army taught me the understanding of the importance of training so that we are not left behind in an era of continual technological change.

We put up this, So that you will know about all the hazard and safety devices that are available.

You can sleep better at night with the peace of mind that your electrical system is well taken care of.

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Peace of mind, all my work is guaranteed to work or I'll fix it free!! The Safety of Your Home and Family Comes First!


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