Thank you besld

Bill and Roberta Selvey

Peter, Roberta and I want to thank you for making the inside of our house more comfortable and the outside more attractive and safer.

Everything works perfectly.

-The kitchen toe lights

-Lights in the entertainment center

-The switches you replaced

-The outside lights you added

-Electricity to the outside fountain that now bubbles beautifully

The most surprising result, I guess, is the difference in temperature upstairs after you installed new exhaust fans. I am really amazed there is such a significant difference even though you told me there would be.

Peter, we also appreciate your being here when you said you would be and the fact that your original cost estimate was what your charged. This is especially true since I know you upgraded some hardware items and there were some unexpected difficulties that caused you to spend more time than you anticipated.

It was our pleasure meeting you and Brandon. Please drop by if you are in our neighborhood.

Many thanks.


Bill and Roberta Selvey

PS: It was nice talking to a real person instead of an answering machine whenever we called.

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