The Switch is On

The Switch is now: to t 8 and t 5 most if not all Fluorescent fixtures sold at home depot and Lowe's are are   T 8 and T 5. You can get some T 12 but why would you?

The Time Is Now it is all most 2011               History we have come a long way it all started back in 1992.

Energy Policy Act of 1992 ,President George H. W. Bush 19 years later

The standard is T 8 the T12 ballast can be removed and the high performance and maximum energy-savings ,T 8 ballast installed. The warranty on the new ballast is about 5 years were the old magnetic ballasts about two years. to get the warranty it would be best to have a electrical contracting company like us to install then you could get us to get the ballast warranty.

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