Underwriters Laboratorie

On all jobs I have been on one of the first thing a electrical inspector looks for the UL label without that label you will not pass the an electrical inspection.

As consumers, we make important decisions every day about the products we purchase and use in our homes, at work and in our communities. Underwriters Laboratories® is committed to the safety and protection of all consumers in their daily lives.

One important way the expert engineers at UL help is by creating UL Standards and conducting rigorous safety testing and certification of products to those Standards. Products that are consistently compliant with the Standards established by UL carry the UL Mark for easy identification by consumers. To use the Mark, manufacturers submit to periodic testing by UL engineers to check for continuous product compliance. You can place confidence in the integrity of the UL Mark on products you purchase.

In addition to purchasing products with the UL Mark, you can leverage this section to learn about safety, evaluate your own use of common household products, and audit the safety of your home and workplace. In addition, you can protect your loved ones -- both children and older adults -- by evaluating products and places with special attention to their specific needs.


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